Sunday, November 22, 2009

Air con is evil. Except for today

Sooo we come back from a week down in dear old Hobart and arrive in our house at 4pm to find it is 42degrees (107.6F) out on the back deck. We quickly dig through our bags to find our swimmers and sprint down to the ocean baths. Patrick had a wonderful time chasing other kiddies and kicking over my sand castles, and we managed to stop Ollie from eating too much sand by letting him suck on a piece of seaweed (he's 7 months old. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth, so seaweed was simple harm minimisation. Hell, it may even have been nutritious.). Two hours later it's still 37(98.6F) out there even though it's now dark, and it's about 30 (86F)in the bedrooms. We've trundled out the old portable air con for our room (the one I demanded we buy when I was pg with Patrick) and I've been looking at ebay for one for Paddo's room.

Srsly. WTF. forty-effing-two degrees.

Photos of Hobart trip to follow...


Blogger Rishabh said...

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22/11/09 02:32  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

Way too effing hot is right. Sorry. Hope it cools down a bit!

23/11/09 13:21  

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