Saturday, August 01, 2009

boy trouble

This is the play-dough snowman that P and MrT made yesterday. I was feeding Ollie on the couch at the time, so I heard most of the conversation.

MrT: Lets make a snowman! What does a snowman need?
P: Knees
MrT: Knees? Maybe he needs a head...
P: No, knees.

sometime later...

P: I get a carrot! I get!
runs to the fridge and pulls out the bag of carrots
(at this point MrT intervenes to make a small sliver of carrot for a nose instead of P sticking an entire carrot in)

P: I get sticks! (runs outside and returns with a fistful of jacaranda sticks)
MrT: he only needs two arms
P: Octopus
MrT: What?
P: Octopus snowman... dere

I'm not really too sure why the octopus snowman has sticks hanging out of his lower section too: I was scared to ask in case it was the octopus snowman's doodle

A day or so ago I was cooking dinner and needed some herbs from the garden- Patrick loves 'helping' MrT in the garden, especially when it comes to the herbs (plants you can eat! what's not to love?) so he loves to go out and bring in the herbs that MrT has cut. He handed me a fistful of parsely and went back to the back door to head out for the next instalment, but paused before going out:
"Say fanks, mummy"
On my own petard, hoisted.

And comments on the housekeeping
"I found a fluff!" (holds up dust bunny) "I put in wubbish bin... bye bye fluff! Errrk!"

Of course as soon as I reported Ollie's sleeping habits, he changed. The night after that last post he woke four times for a feed. That continued until yesterday when he slept through. But last night he woke at four... and then wouldn't go back to sleep. Yesterday was a horrible day: he would act hungry and then wouldn't feed... Just awful. He'd arch his back and howl. I was in tears.

Overall, though, he remains a happy little individual. He has got to that stage where he is learning to use his hands, and loves to stuff everything into his mouth for a thorough checking. I've no idea how much he weighs now, but he is in size 0 wondersuits, and that little blue outfit above fitted Patrick at 6 months, but he's busting out of it. He's too big for the bassinette, and tomorrow's job is to put together the new cot. We had thought that Patrick would be out of his cot before Ollie needed it, but so far.... (much touching of wood, digits crossed) he hasn't climbed out of his cot. [He can climb in, but not out. Go figure. I'd like to point out he climbs in not to go to sleep but to bounce up and down like it's a trampoline. Handy. But I suppose at least he's not going to bounce out and break an arm.]

I have so any things that I'd like to post, but I just never seem to get the time to put my thoughts in order. Why I couldn't have done it just now I don't know, but I'll put it down to persistant placenta brain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the trouble with being a beachy aussie kid is that you don't really understand how snow men work.

this morning i showed the twinkle how to jump on our bed (not that she needs encouragement) and we broke it. oops. a job for this afternoon.

1/8/09 19:48  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

The octopus snowman's doodle made me laugh. It made me remember that Teo put a small bracelet on his "Doodle" this morning and SS said "I see a Prince Albert in the future."

Hope Ollie isn't doing a nursing strike. Teo did that at around 2 months. Sucked!!

2/8/09 17:57  
Blogger jen said...

boys and their doodles, eh? Patrick is very amused by the fact mummy doesn't have a doodle, but he hasn't gone as far as the son of one of the nurses I work with who once walked around the supermarket telling complete strangers "Poor mummy; mummy hasn't got a doodle. She just has a hole where the wee comes out". I suspect that day is coming, however.

3/8/09 20:05  

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