Friday, June 05, 2009

Not all bad...

Not all of the things that I thought were stolen were, in fact, stolen. I have recovered my grandma's jet beads and watch in a jewellery pouch hidden lost down the back of a cupboard. The bead I lost off the remaining pair of earrings was down the back of the couch. And there is a small silver lining to losing all your earrings... you get an iron-clad excuse for buying new ones!

Unfortunately none of the computer stuff or photos have turned up. It's now nearly two weeks ago and the insurance assessor hasn't even called us to make a time to see the damage. I did get to see the same forensics lady who fingerprinted the place after my phone was stolen just before Patrick was born, and we chatted about babies. The crooks were wearing something on their hands, so no fingerprints. MrT is still hopeful that some stuff will be recovered, but I have no such illusions.

It will take about a month before we get any insurance funds for new stuff, but that's too long for me to go without a laptop. Given that my old laptop was pretty steam-powered, I reckon we won't get much for that, so I bought a new/old one off e.bay for 500 bucks, and so far, so good. The main advantage is that Patrick can still have a bath in the laundry sink whilst watching episodes of Thomas ripped off you tube legitimately paid for with our own funds. I did have a video to post of this, but... well, you get the drift.

Speaking of legitimately paid for, what kind of crook takes my sex in the city dvds and not MrT's spiderman or the matrix?

Some photos/video when I get my phone up and running on the new computer...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like a crook who wanted to impress his ladyfriend.

glad about the jet beads.

someone tried to nick k's scooter from our driveway two nights ago. they dragged it halfway down the driveway before realising the front wheel was lock then they dropped it and ran away. presumably.

6/6/09 02:07  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

Maybe a gay crook?

6/6/09 10:01  

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