Sunday, May 24, 2009

Note to self: maybe don't store all your valuables in the one spot

They took ALL my earrings. Except the pair I was wearing yesterday. But to add insult to injury, I lost the bead off one of them when we were out, so now I can't even wear them. Meh!

I've also found that they stole the jewellery I inherited from my grandmother, like her beautiful white sapphire ring and a set of Deco jet beads that I loved. These things are irreplaceable, not because of their rarity or cost, but the fact they were Grandmas. Oh F**k. I just realised her watch has gone as well. The one she called "old faithful" and I wore at my wedding as 'something old'. That means that all the jewellery I was wearing at my wedding is gone.

And that really sucks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

will you be trawling the pawn shops? i am going to take photos of my heirloom jewellery this evening.

24/5/09 23:09  

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