Sunday, May 24, 2009

Backup. Do it NOW!

Turns out I won't be putting any of the photos up here that I wanted to: whilst we were out today (literally in the middle of the day) some arseholes broke into our house and stole my camera, my two laptops and the jewellery that is irreplaceable because it has sentimental value: the earrings my mum and dad gave me for my graduation, and the beautiful garnet necklace and matching earrings they gave me for my 21st.

They didn't steal some stuff that I thought would have gone, like my Longines Dolce Vita watch and they overlooked the little wooden pot that my engagement ring was in, amazingly enough, given that it was right next to the other stuff they stole.

They also took the bag that Patrick uses for daycare. I mean, WTF? It's a very boring Kath.mandu messenger bag. And my old green backpack. The one I have had since year nine (1986) and that has taken me around the world twice and up and down mountains. That really hurts: me and that backpack, we have HISTORY.

But the worst thing is the loss of the photos of Ollie we can't replace from his birth, the photos of Patrick that were only on my laptop.

So DO IT. Backup. DO! IT! NOW!


Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...! That sucks. I'm so sorry. I hate thieves. It feels like such a violation!

24/5/09 15:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah jen, that's so awful! we think we had an attempted break-in here last week and have quickly re-assessed our possessions in terms of what is valuable to us. a timely reminder to back up.

24/5/09 17:12  

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