Saturday, October 24, 2009

My sewing machine still spends more time on my desk than Miller

Here's what I've been sewing.

As it started to get warm about 6 weeks ago, I realised most of Paddy's t-shirts were getting a little snug, so I decided to make him some shirts. Firstly, this cute as heck Hedgehog one




and these are the two t-shirts he ore for breast cancer week at daycare
I sent the love train on down to adorn Drew, a fellow train-lover, but Patrick liked it so much I had to make him his own

Finally I made this for ME a while back. I love the fabric (I couldn't find an Australian stockist so I had to order it in from Etsy) and the best thing about it is pockets! Oh, and it is pretty snazzy

And here are my favourite sites at the moment, too. (apart from failblog, of course)

Ugliest Tattoos
Awful Plastic Surgery
It Made My Day- little moments of win
There, I fixed it
Regretsy (thx, minnie)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

love your work, lady. especially the ric rac. i have no idea where you find the time.

24/10/09 04:37  
Blogger nerines said...

That's great! cool shirts and I remember that skirt! yay!! It is you! You've got alot of talent going on there and I love the way you write =)

27/1/10 17:08  

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