Sunday, October 04, 2009

Oh man, I need to have an hour to sit down and write a meaningful post about how it is to do parenting 2.0 but this will have to do

It's getting warm again, so Patrick's been wearing last year's sandals. I noticed they looked a little tight, but it wasn't until he hobbled across the road I realised just how uncomfy they were.

So we went to a department store to buy some new ones.

I'm fairly fussy about Paddy's footwear, especially stuff he will probably be in day after day fo months on end, so I wanted a nice pair of study leather sandals with and enclosed toe so he can't stub his toes.

$89.95. WTF????

Ebay was bringing me no joy either. I looked in Trget and K-.M.rt and they ere all crap.

When did kids' shoes get so FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

We made a road trip to the outlet store 45minutes away and made a day of it. We had to: Ollie did an enormous Poonami that went, literally, from head to toes. (Ever wonder why they have deep handbasins in Parents rooms? For emergency bathing). That particular shopping complex didn't have a store with kids clothes in it, so we wrapped him up in a blanky and popped a too big t-shirt on him. Then we visited the westfield down the oad and got Gruen-ed into staying there for a few hours...

Why am I telling you this? Aaaargh! Too much sewing to do and only 2 weeks of leave left!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh i hear you about the shoes. i had the same experience at the start of winter looking for boots for the twinkle. i had a look in the shoe shop and was astounded at the prices for teeny, tiny boots. i stomped out of there and then miraculously saw two pairs of brand new boots in the twinkle's size in the window of the op shop next door. she chose the pink ones and i saved $84.95.

5/10/09 14:19  

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