Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Check out the wonderful skirt designs on this lovely lady's site! I own two of her skirts, bought at the Salamanca market in Hobbiton Hobart town.

she also has an etsy store-

She does made to measure and custom work- so you can pretty much order what you like; as long as she has the fabric she'll do it.


PS long, miserab le post coming soon. Because, despite all the exclamation marks here, I'm miserable


Blogger nerines said...

Oh wow!! Thankyou, that's so sweet. I'm betting that your the lovely Jen that has sent me thankyou cards, which I have been thrilled about each time, I'm sorry to hear that your feeling low. I can absolutely relate to alot of your posts (although it was some years back). I'll send you a little suprise, I'm pretty sure I've got your correct address? Love your Hobbiton joke, hubby and I have the same giggle sometimes =)

27/1/10 16:52  
Blogger jen said...

oh yes indeed, nerine: I love your skirts and thought I'd try and share the love... (I lost your blog address and only just ound the card!)

28/1/10 02:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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