Friday, February 18, 2011

More NSF...FB

I am just speechless that Patrick's birthday is so inconsequential to his grandmother she can't be bothered coming to his birthday party.

OK, I'll admit, it IS a two hour drive each way. Or a two hour sit on the train.

But, seriously. When she normally lives six hours away, and is housesitting two hours away, with NOTHING better to do all day, she won't make the effort?

And we could really use a hand. Really. My grown up friends are all out of town at the moment, so it will be just me and MrT, and 18 sugar-crazed kids.

Patrick will be really disappointed. Really REALLY disappointed.

I get so annoyed because she's always griping about how she never gets to see him, how we won't come and visit them (did I mention its a 6 hour drive? with two small children?) but being retired she is just too busy with her USELESS INCONSEQUENTIAL LIFE to return the favour. Any time she likes. And she wanted US to go to sydney for Patrick's birthday so she could see him. Never mind his 17 excited friends who want to come to his party. Or the fact that Patrick wants to have a party for his birthday. No, he can come HERE and see ME.

And I won't even START on Patrick's single, child-free aunt who lives not two suburbs away from where said grandmother is housesitting, who is again too busy to help her mother come visit said grandchild, or give her big brother a hand with the party. Too busy 'cos she's got beach-going to do.

I am about to log off and check air fares from Hobart to see if my mum can fly up for the weekend. I'm so FUCKING SICK AND TIRED of my in-laws attitude. Whingeing and moaning about what we won't do for them, but too busy the one time of the year we could do with help. They are so self-centred. I've said to MrT before that it seems like a great family to be IN, but not a great family to be out of. Well, now it seems that the grandchildren are also too inconsequential to be included.

FUCK THEM. Fuck them all. Next time I get a request for a prescription (which I normally send express post) I'm going to tell them I'm too busy.


Blogger E. from Pot o' Gold said...

That is awful. We can relate over here. SS's sister has not been to ONE of Teo's birthday parties, although she lives 40 mins. away by car. She's always too busy, or has other plans. He is her ONLY nephew. Whatever!

20/2/11 22:14  

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