Friday, February 08, 2008

Xue xu blurrr (tr: loads of photos)

Patrick is full on having little conversations with us and himself. I'm trying to get a clip going but I've ummm... been busy (again). He often sound slike he is speaking mandarin- kind of shee sheue shuerrrr (apologies- I know no Mandarin- unlike Kevin07).

But what's even better is I'm pretty sure yesterday he said "mama". I was so excited. He also seems to say "up" when he wants to (eg) get out of his highchair or the car seat- times when I normally say "up up" to him. And he says "Ello" to his toys when he sees them. Cute.

He is unfortunately having separation anxiety revisited. Bummer.

Now enough gab, here are the photos of our Road Trip.
Baby bath in a bucket in a Benalla motel
At 'The Dog on the Tuckerbox'. MrT is wearing a virtual paper bag on his head.

I didn't know this before but the poem about the dog on the tuckerbox was about some bushman who was having a really bad day, and the dog didn't sit on the tuckerbox... it's more "And the dog shat on the tuckerbox 5 miles from Gundagai".

For all of you going WTF here is the link.
Waiting for the train in North Melbourne station
Patrick meets The Twinkle in Melbourne. And being the flirty man he is, immediately makes a lunge for her...
J-Le and I met up in Melbourne. It was truly lovely to meet her and the Twinkle. I mean, I know that meeting up with someone you 'met' on the interweb is fraught with danger, but, like J-Le says, what's the internet for if not to bring nice people together...
Massive tree fern (Cyathea) at Tarra Bulga National Park. Beautiful day walks there, well worth the trip. Yes, that's MrT at the base of it. He's 6'4".
Patrick loved the baby carrier. Daddy wasn't so sure...
All smiles on 90 Mile Beach
The flies at Lakes' Entrance were appalling. Filthy. It's the drought, according to the locals. The best option was to let them just sit on whatever was the least annoying thing- like MrT's backpack- instead of, like, your eyes and mouth. We didn't have any picnics here. Can't remember why...
Th Snowy River at McKillops Bridge. If you are game and a careful driver this is a spectacular side road.
Christmas in Canberra. Woo hoo.
Wait! I didn't get any eggnog!

More photos, from the last month
Another $500 well spent. What's frustrating is that I could easily (!SO easily!) do this myself if only I had the right drugs. But it's not worth my career.
I've been hypnotised by your boobs, mummy
Tired and emotional
...they just can't spell? Or is it a case of 'puck you miss '
Finally, everyone told me how good I was looking this day, so I thought I'd record it for posterity.


Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

Looks like you had a lovely holiday. I love the disguises you put on MrT. Mateo's starting to gab away now too. I swear he says the cat's name. He says "aze." (Blaze).

I'm jealous you got to meet J-le and the twinkle. Maybe someday we can go to Oz and meet all you cool blogger Aussies.

8/2/08 16:50  

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