Wednesday, June 20, 2007

why i love mr t

last night as i was looking at my 'stuff i like'm my other half(who now will be known as 'mr t') he asked me why i had the domo-kun widget on my blog.

"because it's a clock" (although it's an hour behind australian time) "and it's cute".
"what is a domo anyway?" he says in that sneery kind of voice

so I clicked on the widget and transported him to the domomode.

Half an hour later after cracking eggs and communing with his inner domo-kun, he was hooked.

"that's so cool!" he enthused.

god/(dess) bless him. he always does this.

when i suggest anything "let's go white water rafting/to fiji/to russia/skiing/to sydney/motorbike riding/for a picnic/sea kayaking/have a baby (etc etc etc)" he always says "why?" (as in 'why would we bother') and then as soon as we do it or have done it he goes "that was so cooool! let's do it again!"

I do occasionally get the feeling that if i left it up to him we would never go anywhere or do anything. I'm like the house tour manager. But the ggod thing is that by far and away all the things i like doing, so does he... after I have convinced him it's a fun thing to do.

(apologies for the slack punctuation, spelling and lack of capitalisation but i'm writing this with one hand whilst i jiggle patrick on the other side. All of our happiness credits are now expired and we have to go...)


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