Tuesday, June 05, 2007

aaand finally for today

Being Wednesday, I met the other doctor mummies for breakfast at the beach. On our walk from one beach to the other, E called her baby "Little squirrel" (well, she *is* a pom). G called K a "blossom". Paddy is either a "little monkey" or a "possum". My nephew was "little fish" until they named him (three weeks later). I note mermaidgrrrl has a "froglet".

What other animals are out there?


Anonymous J-Le said...

ours is the hungry hippo when she wakes up and during feeding. when she's peaceful she's possum. sometimes i call her puppy - i'm such a dog person. i think special k calls her kitten - she's a cat person.

5/6/07 23:09  
Anonymous minnie said...

i call mine grumblebunny or sparrow.

babies are totally little creatures.

6/6/07 20:33  
Blogger jen said...

they're certainly not human, eh.

6/6/07 23:16  

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