Thursday, May 17, 2007

bad joke and very quick post

I seem to be so busy doing nothing that I have little time to post!

Things are improving on the PND front; I have seen a kindly old lady psych who has helped and put me in contact with a support group, a counsellor and put me on a weensy dose of sertraline. She thinks I'm not too bad, but anxious (P was sleeping through the night but i was tossing and turning with anxiety).

Lots of you laydees and wymm'n in the blogosphere are actually having your babies! Congratulations to those who have, and enjoy the last few weeks of no nappies to the rest. And hang in there; it improves after 6 weeks, I tell ya (it's much easier to like a baby who smiles and coos rather than just yelling all the time).

Which leads me to the joke. My partner is sick of hearing it but I made it up (and therefore it is hilarious)

Q: Why did de baby go to de bank?
A: To make a de posset

ROTFL (go on, you know you want to. Ok, maybe I really am a bit mad)


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