Thursday, April 19, 2007

photos of my current life

In the mornings after the first feed, we all lie in bed together until daddy comes home from night shift. Meg is getting braver and braver. I'm pretty sure she is jealous of P and a little wary, too. But the other night we were all on the couch, P was crying and she turned around and licked his head a few times as if to say "There there..."
Here's me being at the healthiest point in my life: Cephalexin 1g (for mastitis), Paracetamol/Acetominophen 1g, Iron, B12, Pregnancy/BF supplement, Flaxseed oil caps, Lactobacillus cap (to offset the gram of cephalexin). Who needs breakfast?!
Here is my new favourite outfit. I love the 'skin tight jeans' look. They're tights.
Here's P at the beach, slipped, slopped and slapped. And fast asleep.
Here is what I would buy P if I was as rich as a Packer. It's on sale at DJs, $350. Pedal operated.


Anonymous J-Le said...

i've seen those "jeans" in the shops and wished i had someone to buy them for (weird economics - i won't buy the cool stuff for our baby coz it's too expensive, but will happily buy it for other people's babies). and the beach photo in the sling is very very cute.
do you look at these photos of your current life and feel a crazy contrast to your previous life, or has it been a natural transition?

20/4/07 15:24  
Blogger jen said...

It is a huge contrast: I can't really remember what life was like before P: it seems impossible to me that just two months ago we still didn't know whether he was a girl or a boy. I can't remember not knowing what he looks like. I feel like I've always known how to change a nappy and pick up a baby.

But the transition *seems* gradual. Its that "a long time ago but feels like it was only yesterday" feeling. Certainly the learning curve has been astronomically steep!

21/4/07 20:46  
Blogger jen said...

ps the jeans were on sale at DJs. In fact they have a lot of cute baby stuff on sale right now! (And no, they're not paying me)

23/4/07 00:47  

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