Wednesday, March 21, 2007


We have been swimming the last three days. I am now feeling (capital letters now) A WHOLE LOT BETTER since I have been able to indulge in my favourite excercise again, now the lochia has just about gone. I am also loving being able to really push myself physically without worrying if it will hurt Raby the Baby in the womb (now I just worry the milk supply will be affected!). We are going after the first daylight feed (somewhere between 0700 and 0830) and I swim first whilst T minds P and then I have a shower whilst minding P and T does his laps.

Today whilst T was lapping, young P decided it was time for some mummy yummy, so I was very brave and popped the boob out in front of people I didn't know (a first). Now, when I was still pregnant I had noticed two other women who were pregnant who came to do laps too. They were NQOS (me, swimmers (on sale, $25) from Target, old purple swimming goggles, cap from Remo , slow but steady 1500m; them, designer pre-pregnancy bikinis, Gucci sunglasses, don't get the hair wet, gently breaststroke and chat) but we would nod and say hi in that 'wow, we are both pregnant, we must have so much in common' way. I saw them for the first time since P was born today as I was feeding him. They were in the water, about 20 metres away. They had spotted me, and were chatting about how they would feed their babies- and thought I couldn't hear them. "I'm going to bottle" one said, "it's just so much more convenient". "I mean", said the other "it just looks so wrong" and looked straight at me.

I at least have the comfort of knowing that they have absolutely no idea. One shouldn't dump on the sisterhood, but... beee-yatches!!

On a nicer note, all the old ladies who swim at my pool have been congratulating me, cooing over P, and welcoming me back to the water. The sisterhood. Now that's more like it!


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