Monday, April 02, 2007

shake, rattle and roll

I live about ten minutes' walk (15 when pregnant!) from this beach. A very flat walk, too. In fact, from the small rise immediately above the beach, it would almost be a downhill walk. Lucky me, you say, big deal, so what.

Well, yesterday, it appears for a time that the entire east coast of Australia (right down to dear old Tassie) was subject to a tsunami warning, following the earthquake off the Solomon Islands. What exactly constitutes a warning? I spent the most part of the day (except for an hour's swim) at home, pottering about, with absolutely no idea such a warning had been issued. At sea level. With a neonate. And an electric car.

Now as it turns out, the tsunami has unfortunately ravaged many parts of the Solomons, and evidently some people have died, but missed my part of the world. I feel happy that it did miss us, but somewhat aggrieved that a warning doesn't appear to take any form apart from ethereal.

Goodness me.

PS- I took these photos 6 days ago. Yes, those are people sunbaking. Yes, it's April. Yes, that's right, the temperature is still in the high 20s. Arrrgh.


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