Tuesday, June 05, 2007

disturbing new trends

1. sucks thumb. This was good until he discovered you can put the thumb in there and cry at the same time. Also, he tries to suck the thumb and the boobie at the same time and gets upset when I pull the thumb out. Because he's upset, he puts the thumb back in. repeat ad nauseum.

2. Uses left hand (predominantly) to reach and grab things. Sinister- heh heh

3. Is waking up again at night for feeds. Sigh- 8 weeks of sleeping through. It was too good to last.

4. Dribbles incessantly. Is getting a 'dribble rash'

5. Hates bathtime. Howls. It seems that 'enjoys bath' is a developmental milestone at 3 months. Not this little brown monkey. I can get around it by getting into the bath with him and then feeding him and gradually lowering him into the water whilst he suckles, and just now we had a shower together, which although he wasn't chuckling, neither was he howling. Alternatively we can use the howling and tears to use to tire him out for bed but this just seems cruel.

6. Mammoth explosive poo. He used to poo every time he had a feed. This was somewhat inconvenient, but manageable. He now seems to save the poo up for one or two monster poos a day: up the back, out the sides and over the top (the 'clear the blast zone' picture has nothing on these). When he's feeling really clever, he can not only cover every item of clothing he has on, but also mummy and the car seat/pram/sling/bed/couch/rocker/cat/cot/etc.

7. Enjoys poetry. Ok it's not disturbing as such, just odd. Today to entertain him whilst I was doing the washing up, I recited "Custard the Dragon" for him (I loved that poem when I was a kid, and know it by rote) and he chuckled and smiled and hooted.


Anonymous J-Le said...

re point 1 - the twinkle and i arm wrestle at most feeds because she does this grabbing thing when she's upset and when she can't latch on quick enough she grabs at my nipples, which is a killer.
re point 2 - i like the way paddy's little sinistral brain works. i hadn't thought about whether the twinkle would be left or right handed, but now you've got me wondering...

5/6/07 23:22  
Blogger jen said...

Has either you or special K got lefties in the family? I have a lefty uncle...

6/6/07 06:20  
Anonymous J-Le said...

i'm a lefty myself... and you?

7/6/07 09:19  
Blogger jen said...

no. both me and T are righties.

7/6/07 19:33  

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