Friday, June 08, 2007


It's 3 am, and we're awake because of the severe storms. Earlier today the water in our street was knee high and flowing very quickly: luckily our house is on nice high sandstone piers so we haven't (yet) been flooded. We have three backpacks packed and are ready to leave if we have to, and have moved to another room which is the furthest away from the trees. A tree came down in our front yard: we were in bed and if the wind had blown from the south at that moment it would have been goodbye to you all. Another tree is wobbling dangerously and if it goes down it will take our power lines with it. We are very lucky to still have power: most of the city is blacked out. I just heard on the radio that 100,000 homes are without power, so I am going to enjoy it! Patrick is snuggled up in bed, blissfully unaware. His Gro-B@g arrived today- just in the nick of time.


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