Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just sent two texts to mr t.

The first "I just bought the presets album. It's ossim".

I'm not sure what the presets' target audience is, but I'm guessing it's not a woman in her late 30's driving around in her banged-up Prius playing it at high volume to try and stop her somewhatr chubby toddler from falling asleep in the back seat (it didn't work, fwiw).

The second was "Patrick threw up in my hair at JB hi fi. Even more ossim".

He was toddling around the aisles removing things from their orderly presentation and sticking them back on shelves in random order, so I stuck him up on my shoulders, piggyback- style (he loves it, I get to stop him messing stuff up). And he threw up in my hair. The twelve year olds at the checkout looked at me like I was from Mars when I asked how much vomit there was in my hair. I suppose, again, a woman in her late thirties giving a toddler in red guitar hero pants a piggyback whilst buying a copy of the presets new album as well as a $5 "Immaculate Collection" with toddler spew in her hair is not something they are used to seeing.

I suppose I will give him chocolate, so it's all my own fault...


Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but it's kindo of a funny story. :) I love the photo of him with the chocolate bar.

As far as the barnswallows go...Maria and I are in disagreement about it. It is a pain because they are choosing to nest right above our front door so going in the house could mean getting birdsh*t in hair. Also they're trying to build a nest on a 1/2 inch ledge so most of it ends up on the ground right outside our front door. The nails are hammered in so the bird's won't get hurt by the sharp side in case you were wondering. Maria's not that cruel.

26/5/08 10:29  

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