Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I know the internet hates 'mommy bloggers' but man, this aint just cute, it's funny IMHO. Sorry you have to lie down to watch it, but I can never remember what orientation the phone camera is. The first one is when he first did it, the second one explains what is going on.

Taken on our back deck last week. Do you like the new 'rock star' pants? Oh and I have been making black onesies since you can't seem to buy them anywhere anymore...

And now one of the man doing his walking thing. The background noise is cicadas. What a nice Indian summer we have been having! After the cold weather in January I think my daffodils think it's spring because they're all coming up now. In April. Sheesh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

send him down here for the Comedy Festival. we love a bit of physical comedy.

3/4/08 00:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

Cute videos. I love how eager he is to please it again, do it again - and he does. :) Does life change when they finally stand up and start walking?

12/4/08 18:23  
Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

p.s. daffodils in April is a very normal thing here. :)

12/4/08 18:23  

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