Thursday, February 09, 2006

goodbye speck

Well, that's how it goes.

My Speck didn't hang in there. I'm back to being unpregnant.

It's been said a thousand times, but since no-one reads other people's blogs, I'm going to say it again for my own catharsis; It's not fair how those that really want children can't have them and those who don't want them can't stop having them.

Thankfully the hospital at which I am currnetly working has no Obstetrics so I won't have to go into a room with a swearing, horrible woman who screams "I never wanted a baby anyway" and "just f*&king get rid of it will you!" whilst I struggle to put in an epidural. That was actually the case when I had my last miscarriage; suffice to say I had to get one of my colleagues to come and finish the procedure as I couldn't see through my tears.

Look after yourselves.


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