Thursday, February 23, 2006

and it wouldn't be complete without some photos of meg and peg, our two wonderfully quirky burmese cats! This is meg, looking up to see if she can eat my phone. Meg and Peg were RSPCA rejects: the long story is that there was a woman who bred burmese cats, and, according to the vet, she "died tragically" and her husband tried to keep running the cattery because he couldn't let it go: reminded him of his wife too much. But it all got too much for him and he couldn't look after the cats properly, and they just kept breeding ah-and breeding ah-hand breeding... (maybe no-one told him to put the girl cats in one room and the boy cats in another...). Anyways, in the end he turned himself in to the RSPCA and they were going to just take the 'best' cats and have the rest euthanased. The vet who had been a friend of the woman who had died couldn't just let them do that so she was helping re-home the cats who were to be otherwise put down. We had just lost Fudge, our excellent brown burmese boy, and were looking for another (pound) burmese to replace him (No-one will ever fully replace Fudge- a tru one in a million cat). The RSPCA gave us the number of the vet, and so we drove down to see the cats. Meg and Peg had just weaned their kittens, and were malnourished and in poor shape. Peg had some rotten teeth that had to be pulled as well (hence 'Peg'- "Toothy Peg"). I went in to see if these cats were suitable (I had actually come to get just one...) and there they were, huddled together, small, frightened, skinny... . I just didn't have the heart to split them up, hence we became the owners of Meg and her cousin Peg. Posted by Picasa


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