Monday, March 06, 2006

How much do I love Sydney? On a sunny day, Sydney rocks. We went to sydney this weekend just as a bit of a getaway from it all here. We both had days off together, a miracle in itself. I booked into a hotel on Saturday morning off wotif, and bugger me if we didn't get a hotel between Elizabeth and Goulburn Streets, ie right next to the parade. I had asked T if he wanted to see the parade, but he said,'nah, it's not my kind of thing', so we were going to just go to the George Street Flicks. But then I caught him with his head out the window so many times looking at the growing parade floats and said to him 'right, we're going'. He loved it. Mardi gras is FUN, and you really don't have to be GLTBO to appreciate it, either. It's a mixture of the plain funny (The Brokeback Mormons), the political (Camp X-Rated), and the personal (PFLAG). Recommend it to anyone.  Posted by Picasa


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