Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plus size maternity or nursing bras pretty

Ok so the title of this post looks like a search term, right?

There's be a reason for that.

Because I fed Patrick for 18 months, I had 18 months of wearing the same, boring, ugly bras. The same, freaking, awful, shapeless sack-like contraptions. Ugh ugh ugh. It hit me the other day that I probably have 3 weeks left before I'm going to have to stop wearing a nice, comfortable, supportive underwire and get back into a maternity bra for an undefined length of time, so I trooped off to David Jones' praying that in the last 6 months someone, somewhere may have designed a nicer bra.

Nup. There's a whole wall of maternity bras. And most of them go up to a D cup. Srsly. And the ones that go bigger cup-wise only go up to say a 16. So you can be a 24B (B cups for breastfeeding? Really? Wow) or a 10 G, both of which seem pretty odd shapes, IMHO, but not an 18G. Is it just me, or does it seem really weird that you would make a bra for someone naturally tiny with enormous gazoongas but not for someone who is either naturally bigger, or just plain fat who wouldn't have enormous boobs?

Anyway, the only choice I had left was the exact same style I had endured for the previous episode. I took it to the counter and asked for them to order me two in black. "We don't stock black in this size". No, that's why I'm ordering them, you idiot. I'm not blind. "I'm not sure we can order them". You did last time. "You don't want them in beige?" Look at me, lady, do I look like I wear beige? ever? Pussy bum face "I'll see what I can do". You go girl... not.

I came home and started doing what I shopuld have done in the first place. Hit the interwebs.

Now, I'm not one to advertise normally, but; Hot Milk. Up to 20G. God Bless New Zealand. I'm in love with that country.

And this mob.

And the one I'm wearing today: Freya.

Other sites: here, here and here.

I was a little hesitant about ordering lingerie off the interblags, because, like, how could I be sure it would fit? But a tape measure and being bluntly honest about what it read (Really? I'm more than a metre around? Bugger.) But, no, beautiful. Fits. Gorgeous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey some of them really are pretty. i like the dotty one and the cherry one. just this morning i was thinking about how i still wear my maternity bras coz they're comfortable, even though the twinkle stopped breast feeding when she was 7 months old and now she's 22 months. i really need a new bra or two - but not maternity. maybe i'll get out my tape measure and do some online shopping like you. thanks for the links!

19/3/09 03:53  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

Oh, the nursing bras have so been off my mind (I hated them), and I don't have to think about them yet, so I won't. I might reference this in the future, though. :)

19/3/09 21:14  

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